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1992 Porsche 968 (ECC-102)


1992 Porsche 968, 6 speed manual, superb condition inside and out.
Black on tan, came from a Porsche collector as a trade-in to us.

Very, Very Nice car ... quite rare ... really fun to drive, solid power, sweet handling

83K Miles
Recent Service - new belts, hoses and coolant, filters etc.
Runs great, no issues

The 968 was the final evolution of the front engine series that began with the 924 and continued with the 944. Porsche committed to a significant upgrade for this model and over 80% was new when introduced in 1992.
In production only thru1995, only 1,440 1992 968s were sold in North America.

The 968 is powered by an updated version of the 944's straight-four engine, displacing 3.0 L with 104 mm bore, 88 mm stroke and producing 240 PS (237 bhp; 177 kW). Changes to the 968's powertrain also included the addition of Porsche's then-new VarioCam variable valve timing system, newly optimized induction and exhaust systems, a dual-mass flywheel, and updated engine management electronics among other more minor revisions. The 968's engine was the fourth-largest four-cylinder ever offered in a production car up to that time. A new 6-speed manual transmission replaced the 944's old 5-speed.

While lacking the wider recognition of the 911, the 968 has nonetheless carved out its own niche in the hearts of enthusiasts. This is due to the 968's unique combination of speed and practicality, and low production numbers.

Clean, low mileage examples have become extremely scarce.