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About Us

Euro Classix Cars was founded in 2015 by enthusiasts to offer lust worthy, sometimes historically significant, always unquestionably cool “modern classics” to drivers, enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Specializing in cars that weren’t originally sold in the U.S., Euro Classix has become the go-to for unique automotive investments that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Revered in the industry for our ability to find the “right” cars, we focus on both the car and the quality. Stock condition, low miles, low wear–all of our vehicles are fully vetted, inspected and reconditioned to a high standard. What’s more, we stand behind our cars fully. If something goes wrong, we take care of it–period. While you might be able to find other examples of cars that we offer, we think you’ll find that our inventory simply stands apart from the rest.

With our expert knowledge on rare, historic, and previously non-U.S. market cars, we are the authority on finding and procuring “25 year import rule” modern classics. Our experienced team of in-country agents personally review and inspect our cars, often rejecting those that don’t meet our high standards of quality. And, because of ECC’s stellar reputation around the world, we can sometimes even purchase vehicles that aren’t necessarily for sale.

We started Euro Classix Cars as a hobby; a way for us as enthusiasts to stay in the orbit of the coolest cars in the world. We continue to operate successfully in that same way–putting passion over profit, and approaching each and every acquisition with the same excitement as the first. More than just the cars, we find that our clients usually end up becoming our friends.

And to us, that’s what it’s all about.

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