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1991 Alfa Romeo SZ (ECC-081)



Very limited edition collectable Alfa, as only 1,036 SZ coupes were made. This is number 946.

These V6 powered GT coupes were sold only in Europe.

Created as a halo car for Alfa, overall performance/value ratio compared favorably with the period Ferrari 348 model.

Also known as Il Mostro in Italy, and revered as one of the most exotic Alfa Romeos produced in the modern age.

This SZ has a very low 64,500 original kilometers and is in excellent condition (less than 39k miles). A very original, clean and straight SZ in remarkable condition. Can be driven and enjoyed now, and sure to appreciate over time.

Please note this car comes with a valid Vermont registration, Vermont plates and a bill of sale.

Please note that Vermont does not produce titles for cars that are more than 15 years old. (for more information visit http://dmv.vermont.gov/tax-title/vehicle-title).More photos coming soon!