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1983 Volkswagen Beetle [ECC-147]


1983 Volkswagen Beetle - Mexican Model
As New / Never Registered Only 118 original miles
VIN – 11E0108477

 VW classic time capsule in superb overall condition, complete and original, refreshed as required with NOS parts, and a very rare find.  Mexican model first purchased at a Tijuana VW dealership to join a collection at noted VW tuner and collector Gene Berg’s Orange county showroom.  On display or in proper storage since and showing a mere 118 original miles.  Never registered, plastic still on the seats, all manuals, took kit and delivery items intact.  A true gem!

 This exceptional VW has quite a unique history.  It begins with one of the most known gentlemen in the VW tuner world - Gene Berg, Godfather of high performance VWs.  Volkswagen was so happy with the large volume of business Gene’s Orange County shop was doing in VW parts that they gifted him two examples of the newly updated 1983 Beetle - one red, one blue.  Gene liked the idea of adding a white one to make a red/white/blue trio for display in his showroom.  Finding a suitable new example in VW’s Tijuana dealership, Gene bought the new VW to complete his set.

 The classic remained in Gene’s collection until he passed on in 1996 and his wife, Dee, sold the Bug to VW enthusiast Danny Zepda of San Bernadino.  Danny cared for the car for over ten years and then sold it to another Beetle collector from Watsonville, CA where it sat happily in dry storage until we found it with the aid of vintage explorer Mike Johnston of Stockton.  Realizing the special history, exceptional opportunity and virtually new condition … we snapped it up!

 Our service team then went thru the car replacing any items necessary due to aging with NOS VW parts.  This included engine and transmission oil, new master cylinder, brake lines and fluid flush, fuel tank flush, new fuel lines and filter, and a new battery.  Starts, runs and rides just like your fondest Bug memories. The original tires are still on the car, suitable for static display, but should be replaced if any serious driving is contemplated.

 A few details about this model, as VW’s Mexican Beetle production went thru quite a few detail changes in the years from 1962 when it began thru 2004 when the last Mexican Beetle rolled out into the sun.  This car is quite similar to a 1973 USA spec Bug.  The body features simple bumpers with integral front turn signals, later style round taillights, and neat and typical chrome trim.  Late model large side and rear windows, opening door vent windows and flow thru ventilation. Slotted steel wheels are capped with the flatter style hubcap.  Overall a very clean combination of early Bug and later model detail updates.

 Under the front bonnet a full size spare and complete original VW toolkit are ready for action.  The rear lid is a later style with 4 vent louver groups and the squared off lower edge.  The engine is a 1600cc dual port with point ignition and a single barrel carb.  Manual transmission with 4 speed synchromesh.  Exhaust system features the signature twin stinger outlets.  Electrics are 12 volt, brakes are drums all round and the suspension is Beetle vintage front trailing arms and rear swing axles with a “Z” bar stabilizer.  Classic Bug all the way.

 The interior is still protected with the factory plastic covers over vinyl and fabric seats with a subtle hound’s tooth pattern.  The simple dashboard offers basic instrumentation in one large dial, a handy glove box and little else to distract you.  No radio is fitted, but there is a mounting hole for an antenna now plugged with the OEM blanking plug.  There are  various inspection and pre-delivery stickers still in place and the original manuals are all there, including a genuine VW map of Mexico that came with the car.  A set of reflective hazard triangles are nestled under the seats.  The original temporary registration and two sets of keys are included.

The car has never been registered and remains largely in as new / as sold condition. and will now come with a Vermont registration and plates. It’s all there, so you can relive your dream of buying a brand new Bug back in the day. Exceptional car and special chance to add a virtually brand new classic Beetle to your collection.