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The Maserati Shamal is A Whirlwind of a Car

With the "rad" movement in full effect, is there a better car to have in your stable than a Maserati Shamal? Being that it is a rare car with 369 examples produced, many people have never heard of it. However, those that do know what a Shamal is, are visibly taken aback by a sighting of one.

When the ECC team made an appearance with the Shamal and the special yellow Lancia Delta Integrale at Radwood South San Francisco back in June 2018, many spectators were exclaiming "WHOA, A Shamal!" among other excited outbursts, showing just how special the car is. 

Powered by a 3.2L Twin-Turbo V8, this grand touring car hustles down the road quickly. Blink, and it's already 100 yards down the road before you know it. While Maserati had its V6 Biturbo lineup, the Shamal was the flagship model, far exceeding the performance and price of its Biturbo siblings. 

While closely based on the BiTurbo platform, Gandini achieved a remarkable success with the Shamal makeover. Dramatically flared fenders accented by the trademark Gandini cutout on the rear fenders give the Shamal a unique and purposeful stance. The crisp silhouette is accented by a structural targa bar and raised trunk line that adds menace.

The front end is accented with an interesting array of multiple lighting units featuring projector beam headlamps which provide excellent nighttime visibility. It is an attention getter that leaves little misunderstanding regarding its purpose. It looks mean and fast, period.


An interesting note: the "spoiler" on the hood of the car is not for aerodynamic purposes, but to actually help windshield wiper performance by deflecting water and air away from the windscreen.

Just because this is a sporty car, don't be fooled! Drivers are still treated to a plush interior with a sense of comfort and luxury, thanks to its Recaro seats and generous offerings of a leather-wrapped interior. 

Overall, this car is truly representative of the "rad" era. If you're a fan of Italian cars, specifically the Maserati marque, this is the one you want. 

Quite rare worldwide and virtually unknown in the US, the Shamal is a true exotic. Stimulating performance is delivered in an attractive and comfortable GT coupe package. 


TECH DATA: (Thank you, Enrico!)

Position Front
Cylinders No. 8V at 90º
Bore and stroke 80mm X 80mm
Cubic capacity 3217cc
Compression ratio 7.5:1
Maximum torque 44kgm/320lb-ft @ 2800rpm
Maximum power 240kW/326bhp @ 6000rpm
Turbochargers No 2 IHI watercooled
Intercoolers No 2 air to air
ENGINE BLOCK and cylinder heads in light alloy with removable wet liners.
Water cooling by a centrifugal pump.
Forced lubrication with full-flow filtering and cooling.
No 4 overhead camshafts.
No 32 valves, 4 valves per cylinder (2 intake, 2 exhaust).
Injection and static ignition with microprocessor management.
Permanent overboost / 105 amps alternator / leaded fuel.
Catalytic emission control system with Lambda sonde.
Getrag manual 6 speed + reverse / Rear wheel drive.
Ranger® with multiple anchorage mounting / Ratio: 3.36.
Monocoque construction.
Independent on all 4 wheels with electronic active control.
FRONT: Mac Pherson strut with stabilising bar and dual effect hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.
REAR: Tubular trailing arms, coil springs, oleodynamic shock absorbers, stabilizer bars.
STEERING: Power assisted rack and pinion steering.
Hydraulic, independent, power assisted twin circuit.
Front and rear ventilated discs with floating calipers.
Rear drum parking brakes.
Light Alloy:- Front - 8"J X 16"      Rear - 9"J X 16"
Front - 225/45 ZR 16      Rear - 245/45 ZR 16
2 door coupe, 4 seater, Sound proofed with Silent Travel®.
Maximum speed: 168mph / 270kph
Acceleration: 0-62mph 5.3secs
0-1000m 25.6secs
Wheelbase 2400mm
Front track 1512mm
Rear track 1550mm
Overall length 4100mm
Width 1850mm
Height 1300mm
Dry weight 1417kg
Fuel tank 80 litres
Boot area 420 cm³ approx
Turning circle 10.40m approx


For more information on the Maserati Shamal we have for sale, click here or please feel free to give us a call at (415) 952-3876. 

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