1968 Lambretta Lambro 550 Motofurgone (ECC-061)

The perfect promotional utility runabout for your business.

Incredibly rare in the USA and beautifully restored (body off), this is the cutest Ute going.

The LAMBRO makes a perfect utility vehicle with a high promotional and fun factor for a number of American situations - golf courses, gated communities, wineries, resorts, hospitality etc.

It brings a huge grin to the faces of everyone who sees it or has the occasion to drive it.

Innocenti introduced their first 3-wheeler in 1949 as a light duty, urban delivery vehicle and it became an instant success. The enclosed cabin body was introduced in 1957. The first “Lambro” models featured significant improvements and upgrades and were introduced in 1963.

The Lambro has a proven reputation as a tough, practical and very economical transport for many commercial uses. The design is based on a very rugged chassis adaptable to multiple body styles/configurations and powered by a reliable and simple single cylinder engine with high specific torque and very low gearing that allows the LAMBRO to haul significant payloads at relaxed, but perfectly urban velocities.

The LAMBRO enjoyed continued design evolution and by1968 was quite well developed and very dependable.

The three-wheeled chassis allows the LAMBRO to be registered as a motorcycle which is an additional economy. Steering is via scooter style handlebars, and the cabin is designed for a single driver, but can also accommodate a passenger (with a snug fit). There are doors on each side, perfect for making deliveries to each side of the road.

Parking ease and maneuverability are outstanding.

Performance is well suited to the job of light delivery, with good torque for hills but a modest top speed ( 35 mph ), which is adequate in the urban settings, gated communities or special circumstances for which it was designed. Handling is unique, but serviceable when the limitations of the tricycle layout are observed.

The LAMBRO is a very serious workhorse, which belies its cuteness with the ability to provide very useful service in many situations and applications.

The Lambro 550 was produced from the August of 1965 as a replacement for the Lambro 200. The method of naming the Lambros by engine size was replaced by the amount of weight it could carry. The 550 was rated for 550 kilograms of payload and a total weight of 1005 kilograms, including the dry vehicle weight of 385 kg. Overall length is 122” on a wheelbase of 77.5”, width is 60”. (all dimensions from factory specs)

The 200cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine was rated at 9.2 HP and drove the rear wheels through a 4 speed forward / 1 speed reverse transmission. Top speed with full load was claimed to be 36 mph. Front brakes are operated from a lever on the handlebars, the rears are drums with hydraulic activation via a foot pedal. There is a manual parking brake. Tire size is 4.50 x 10, front and rear.

The chassis is made up of tubular frame with sheet metal reinforcements. The cabin features 2 doors with opening windows, a bench seat and central driving position via handlebars. Accommodations are cozy. The rear bed features fold down sides and rear with a tubular upper structure.

This Lambro has been fully cosmetically and mechanically restored in Italy and looks great and runs very well.

Status - In San Francisco—sold with valid CA title

A good source of information can be found at www-thelambro-com on the web.


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