1971 Fiat 500 L (ECC-060)

Just Imported from Italy - near perfect example of the most popular city car ever designed ... a legend in Europe.

Professionally Restored to a high standard - no issues, no problems, rust free, runs great & looks fantastic

A rich and lustrous Italian Red paint job is set off by excellent chrome and a new black vinyl sunroof and interior with red carpets. The engine compartment is remarkably neat and well finished, reflecting the high quality of workmanship involved in the through restoration. This is one of the nicest 500’s we have seen …

The 500 L (Lusso) model was the top of the line with many upgrades over the standard 500. The interior was completely redesigned and modernized for the Lusso and the exterior features additional chrome. In production only four years (1968 to1972) it is considered by many to be the most desirable and collectable model of the 500 series.

Only 117” long - fits anywhere - still has room for 4.

This Fiat is a beauty, ready to drive and enjoy as the perfect city car.

Status - In San Francisco—sold with valid CA title

Launched as the Nuova (new) 500 in 1957 and following in the long tradition of mini compact Fiat city cars that began with the Toplino of the late 40’s the Nuova was an instant success. In production thru 1975 there were several detail upgrades and this 1971 500L model incorporates the most significant of those. Considered by many to be the ultimate “City Car”, the Nuova 500 was very popular all across Europe. None of the subsequent models ever possessed the charm and fun-to-drive feeling of this series.

The shapely body sits on a 72.4” wheelbase and is a trim 117” long, ideal for parking in the city. With a svelte curb weight of only 1,100 lbs and powered by a robust twin cylinder 500cc engine, performance is lively around town and adequate for country lanes. Fuel economy is outstanding.

A 4-speed manual transmission provides a wide range of gearing for climbing steep urban hills to an open road top speed around 60 mph. The ride is notably supple and the handling crisp and accurate.

The 500 L is quite simple mechanically and considered to be reliable and durable, and easy to maintain.

Parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive.

Very cute, very red, lots of fun, quite rare in the USA and in exceptional condition - this 1971 500 L Cinquecento is a rare find.


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