1980 Benelli 900 Sei (ECC-047)

A remarkable, all-original Benelli 900 Sei - never registered, only 80 kilometers total.

As new in all regards, stored with care for over 30 years. One very special motorcycle. Comes with complete Italian documentation. Extremely rare, very collectable and one of the finest, most original examples of this historic machine.

Benelli produced the first inline 6 cylinder production sport motorcycle in 1972 when it introduced the 750cc Sei. The bike was a remarkable design statement and a styling leader designed by Carrozzeria Ghia. The engine design was closely based on the SOHC Honda 500 four model which ensured reliability and ease of maintenance. With 3 carburetors feeding the 6 cylinders the 750 Sei produced a very smooth 76 HP and a top speed well over 125 mph, both top figures for the day. The critical sensation was followed with modest sales as the Sei was expensive for the period.

Benelli redesigned the Sei in 1979 and created the world’s first true “flashbike” with the introduction of the 900cc Sei in 1979. New styling features included the bikini fairing and 6 into 2 exhausts. The Sei remained a very expensive motorcycle for the day with an MSRP over $5,000. The 900 Sei remained in production thru 1989 with four minor updates to the styling over the years. Total production of the 900 Sei is around 2,000 units, making it a very, very rare bike today.

The 900 Sei developed 80 HP and features triple DellOrto carbs, SOHC design, 5-speed transmission and engineering still based largely on the Honda 500 four. Wheelbase is a trim 56” and the wet weight is listed at 549 lbs. Disc brakes are fitted to both of the gold finished Campagnolo rims.

Period road tests of the 900 Sei compared it very favorably to the Honda CBX six cylinder, noting the lighter weight, better handling and more sporting character. The six cylinder engine produces minimal vibration and very smooth power. The Sei is described as a very sporting and enjoyable bike to ride.

Sold with California title.


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