1960 BMW Isetta 300 (ECC-039)

The BMW Isetta is perhaps the most iconic of all the micro-cars of the 1950’s. Its approachable shape and unique front door are the embodiment of fun and whimsy. It is hard to believe, but in the land of the American land yachts of the 50’s, BMW succeeded in selling Isettas in the U.S.

The Isetta is often referred to as the “car that saved BMW.” In the 50’s Germany was just recovering from the war. People who had just a bit more money were looking to upgrade from utilitarian motorcycles and scooters. BMW was not selling enough of its large cars to stay afloat, and by the late 50’s, motorcycle sales were also in decline. They saw the potential in the market for a very cheap car. BMW ended up licensing the rights to build the small Isetta car from Iso in Italy. They fitted one of their own single cylinder motorcycle engines, and the BMW Isetta was born. They sold well in Europe, and provided a crucial financial success for BMW, which provided the lifeline for the company until the “neue classe” cars debuted in the early 60’s..

This Isetta 300 had been in the last owner’s family for at least 20 years. The car was restored around 25 years ago. The Isetta was in very good condition prior to the restoration, and has all the original body parts with which it left the factory. It has never had any rust, or rust repair. Mechanically, this car is sound. All the electrics work as they should. The interior and trim are in good condition. The car is in excellent drivable condition. This is a car that you can get out and enjoy, as long as you don’t mind getting waved at, thumbs-up, and smiles!


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