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We’re Driven by a Lifelong Passion for These Classic Italian Cars

Looking at a vintage Alfa Romeo, what do you see? A car? Or nostalgia?

We see our childhoods. Having grown up in Europe, where Alfa Romeos, Lancias and Fiats were commonplace, we were determined to bring these beauties to the U.S. as soon as we were able. And now we’re in business…

We tap into our extensive network to scour Italy, hunting through old barns and garages, to find these vintage Italian cars. Once we find a treasure, it’s shipped to our warehouse location in Northern Italy where a specialist with 40 years’ experience meticulously reviews the car and reconditions anything that is not as it should be. This precious cargo is then shipped to the U.S. in small numbers, to our San Francisco location.

This is not strictly business for us – we have daytime jobs. This is love. We are not your typical car dealers. We are the real deal, men with such enthusiasm for these classic Italian cars that we’re going to great lengths to find and preserve them. Why? Because these cars are as familiar to us as our childhoods. Our passion for these cars knows no bounds. We seek them out. We hunt them down. We lovingly recondition them. Our goal is to offer the best authentic, original classic Italian cars, and to build a network of car enthusiasts like us across the globe.

If you share our passion for these classic Italian cars of yesteryear, welcome to our circle! Please make yourself known to us by stopping by the shop, or virtually via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to meeting you and swapping stories over an espresso!


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