EuroDiscovery Program

EuroClassix EuroDiscovery Program
International Concierge Service for Classic Car Collectors

EuroClassix is proud to announce an innovative new service for classic car collectors interested in unique Italian and European vintage collectable motorcars. We will lead you to undiscovered, exciting new “finds” in Italy and more!

“EuroClassix EuroDiscovery” - the discovery and revelation of unique and special classic cars in Italy primarily that have been hidden from the market.”

It is well known that many of the world’s most interesting motorcars are in private collections, dusty garages or rustic barns in Italy. Neglected inheritances, forgotten indulgences or cooled romances they share a similar fate of invisibility. These fantastic cars are unknown in America and have been unavailable until now.

Our deep roots and extensive autophile connections in Italy have enabled us to now offer a very exciting concierge service to assist collectors in finding, evaluating and acquiring very special cars in Italy that have been heretofore unknown. Their owners may have only a casual interest in offering them for sale and lack the understanding of the exclusive markets for collector cars.

We actively seek out these hidden gems and discover them through extensive research, personal connections and focused investigation. We examine, evaluate, document and photograph these cars and develop a marketing plan to offer them to American collectors.

EuroClassix EuroDiscovery Program
European Concierge Service for Classic Car Collectors

Introducing our EuroClassix CARchaeology team in Italy

  • New concept for collectors to access exclusive, special cars that are otherwise not for sale.
  • These special cars are usually in Italy, and are locally available for inspection and viewing.
  • We provide extensive review and documentation to accurately describe these unique finds.
  • We can arrange to have one of our representatives show you, or your representative the car for an in-depth personal presentation.
  • If you decide to purchase the car, we will handle al details of the transaction for you.
  • In addition, our services will include:
    • Local trucking to Milan
    • Preparation of export documents out of Italy
    • Shipping via ocean to the US including U.S. Customs pre-clearance
    • DMV registration and issuance of a valid California title
    • Final delivery to any US destination of your choice
  • After purchase and prior to shipment, we can prepare and deliver your classic car to allow you to participate in any European vintage car events or rallies to add an exciting new dimension the purchase experience.


  • Well researched market value estimates and pricing recommendations
  • Pre-sale recommendations for reconditioning and restoration to maximize value
  • Local Italian resources for reconditioning and restoration
  • Comprehensive marketing plan and budget options , advertising copy and photos
  • Broad exposure to American collectors
  • Detailed documentation of condition, restoration process and issues - if any
  • Contract for seller and all purchase documentation (in Italian, as required)


  • Extensive, detailed overview of the car and its history
  • Professional detailed photos of all cosmetic and mechanical details
  • Very detailed description of condition, restoration process and issues - if any
  • Contract for buyer and all purchase documentation (in Italian, as required)

USA Marketing & Advertising Options :

  • Our website -
  • Hemmings Collector Publications & Websites
  • Various USA marque enthusiast Websites
  • Dupont Registry
  • more


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